Joining NAM...

Initially, when you enrol for the IAMRoadSmart Advanced Rider course via the Northamptonshire Advanced Motorcyclists, you will start your journey as an "Associate". These are members of NAM, who are training towards their "advanced motorcycling" certification.

Each Sunday, NAM meets and rides out to Melton Mowbray, St Neots, Hook Norton, Leighton Buzzard, etc (approx 80 mile round-trip) as part of our Sunday morning meet. You have a choice as to whether you ride for the social experience, or have an "Observed" ride.

An "Observed" ride, is when one of our highly skilled Observers rides with you to the selected location and observes what you're doing right, and perhaps, what you're doing wrong. Normally halfway, they will pull you over to the roadside and give a brief outline as to how they feel your ride is progressing. On reaching your destination, your NAM Observer will sit you down (cuppa and bacon sandwich time) and give you a thorough debrief on the ride as a whole. It's at this point they will offer advice and guidance, and give you an opportunity to brush up on weak areas, as the weeks progress.

Once your skills in advanced techniques, including information processing, positioning, steering, best usage of gears, and acceleration, etc, have reached the advanced standard, your Observer will then let you know when they feel you are good enough to apply for your advanced riding certification.

On successful completion of your test, you leave the realms of the Associate, and progress to being "IAMRoadSmart Qualified", and as such, qualify as a full NAM / IAMRoadSmart member.

So, what does it cost?
The IAMRoadSmart Advanced Rider course package is a one-off payment of £149.00 and contains everything required to take and pass the advanced riding test and become a full member of IAMRoadSmart. Included is 12 months IAMRoadSmart membership, local group support to prepare for the test, the advanced test fee and Advanced Rider Course materials book, as well as, the latest edition of the Highway Code.

* Please note: A contribution towards Observer Costs is much appreciated and we currently suggest £10 per observed run *

...and how long does it take?
Obviously, it depends on your experience, your ability and your level of commitment, but typically we see riders attaining test standard after approx 8 - 12 observed rides. The aim of the advanced training is to make you feel safer and more confident, and as such, we tailor our learning programme to suit you...

How do I get involved?
The easiest way is to just come down to The Obelisk Centre, 400 Obelisk Rise, Northampton NN2 8UE @ 9:15 on any Sunday morning. All you need to do is show up with a roadworthy bike, a full tank of petrol and suitable biking gear and then we will take care of the rest. Better still, you are welcome to a free taster session (a 'look-see') before committing to join so now there really is no reason not to improve your skills!  

Alternatively, if you wish to take advantage of the IAMRoadSmart membership immediately, you can sign up online, via the IAM Road Smart website.