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Claim a FREE advanced riding taster session – worth £45

You understand the thrill and independence you enjoy as a rider – and so do we.

The IAM is as passionate about bikes as you are. We love what you love, and we also know that improving your skills isn’t just about improving your safety; it’s about a better ride. Now we’d like to prove it to you – free of charge.

Discover new advanced riding techniques – and try them out for yourself.

You can sign up for a FREE taster session with a qualified observer from the IAM.

During the hour-long session, you’ll gain an insight into advanced riding techniques and have the opportunity to try them out ‘right here, right now’. You’ll also receive guidance and feedback to help you get more from your riding.

We meet EVERY Sunday ( unless falling over a sleigh on the way to the garage ). Come down to the Obelisk Centre ( details on the home page ) and see what you can gain from this.

Quote 'The most significant performance enhancement you can add to your bike - your skill' Get more enjoyment from your ride, come on down!

Some useful information

Free taster sessions are subject to availability and may not be offered in your location. If you do participate, you’ll be riding your own motorcycle at all times. No special insurance is needed. Enjoy.  

Guidance: Rates of vehicle tax (V149)

Guidance: Rates of vehicle tax (V149); inc. Motorcycles.

The tables include standard rates for vehicles that have already been registered and 1st-year rates for new vehicles. They also include tax rates for all types of goods vehicles, buses and recovery vehicles.

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Displaying Tax Disc

From 1 October 2014, the paper tax disc will no longer need to be displayed on a vehicle windscreen. If you have a tax disc with any months left to run after this date, then it can be removed from the vehicle windscreen and destroyed. Customers with a Northern Ireland address will still need to display their MoT disc.

There is a video available (Goodbye to the tax disc) which explains that the tax disc will no longer be issued from 1 October 2014. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel.

You can apply online to tax or SORN your vehicle using your 16 digit reference number from your vehicle tax renewal reminder (V11) or 11 digit reference number from your log book (V5C)

North Wales sees increase in motocycle incidents


Please see the following statement sent to the MCN and others from the Chief Constables' of North Wales and Dyfed Powys, in response to the significant increase in Motorcycle Collisions this year.

"Dear Editor,


This year has seen a significant number of motorcyclists return to North, Mid and West Wales to make the most of the scenery and facilities that Wales has to offer, helped of course by the fine weather that we have all enjoyed.


 Unfortunately though we are seeing a significant increase this year in the number of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured on our roads, with 15 fatalities across both of the policing areas of North Wales and Dyfed Powys Police and a further 72 motorcyclists seriously injured as a result of collisions. Amongst the most common reasons for the collisions are rider error and excessive speed, particularly on bends.


Check your Tax and MOT

The Government has now provided a quick and simple way to check the 'status' of your TAX and MOT.

This has been brought about because of the continued progress to have a paperless system for vehicle documentation.

Have a LOOK HERE and check your vehicles.

Bike meet in Oxfordshire

I "stumbled" on a bikers café in Oxfordshire where they hold a bike meets on Monday's and although I have not (and probably wont)  have chance to get to the meet it may be of interest to others. There is also an "infinity" motorcycle shop next door to the café.

For more information -